About Us

If you are exploring our site and reading this, it can be safely assumed that YOU would like to practice a healthy lifestyle. Thank you for stopping by our website.

To all those who are into practicing healthy lifestyle,

Majority of the health issues wouldn’t occur if the food we eat is chewed and digested well, and the food is not just filling stomach but nutritious.

  • In order to chew well – you gotta chew well (we can’t help you with this one though 😉 ).
  • In order to digest the food and for the consumed food to be nutritious we have learnt millets are a good source of nutrition. Inclusion of millets into our diet would fulfill most of our daily nutrition needs as compared to eating just rice or wheat. As, millets are rich in fibre, they are good for digestion too.

Millets are not just rich in fibre they have high content of protein, iron, calcium, and other minerals. Millets have been the savior crops and the main food source since ages. It was unfortunate that we (yes, we the urban dwellers) were disconnected and had no information about how beneficial they are. Nevertheless, with few people working as ‘millet evangelists’ – spreading information about millets and their benefits, more and more people are trying and including it in their diet in turn leading a healthy lifestyle.

To ensure a wider reach on millets and its benefits, and to make it accessible and affordable, an idea that was conceived was executed, christening the project as Swastha Foods.

About Us
If the computer wasn’t invented at all, we would have become an artist, a carpenter, a doctor, a dancer or one of us would have been working as zookeeper by now.

Most of us at Swastha Foods are software professionals who have found the benefits of using millets in their diet. We believe millets are the gateway for a healthy living as they reduce digestion, malnutrition and other common issues which are not realized or neglected by the city dwellers. Very importantly, they were the staple food of our ancestors because of their nutritional properties and the sustainable way of production.

We have been spreading the word on millets and its benefits amongst our friends & colleagues. Now we are spreading the word beyond our close-knit circles. Afterall, good things are to be shared!

This is just the beginning for all of us,

for all of us to be in a movement,

where we all strengthen our belief in reviving the long-forgotten food habits and

start living a healthy lifestyle…

Wish you a healthy living.

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